Challenge 2023


شجرة العائله
قراءه في كتاب
أعلام العائلة
اخبار العائله
تكريم ٢٠٢٢

Welcome to the "Challange 2023" ....

We are proud to introduce The Educational Challenge for year 2023. We hope all students will register!!
Click to Search our: Sawaf Family Directory, find the student and register for the challelnge.
    انقر هنا للبحث في الدليل العائلي و تسجل في القائمه

At the end of this academic year (2022-2023), We will ask each and every registered student to send us their report card and we will honor and celebrate each and every student during an end year ceremony with a gift for the effort during the year.

Please review this announcement for additional information

Dear student, go ahead and register, stay in school, do your best and join the challenge!!

Ceremony Date: Friday, September 29, 2023

Registered Students count: 1 (Year 2022-2023)

Date Added Student Name Degree School
1/7/2023 4:34:44 AM GMT محمد رفيق الصواف ID: 3331
محمد رفيق/عمار/محمد رفيق/محمد خير/توفيق/محمد/حسين/إبراهيم/عبد الرحمن/أبو بكر/صالح
Phone: 004917645901918
Birth Year: 2001
(طالب جامعي تخصص (هندسة اقتصادية Hochschule Offenburg